Who Else Wants A $2,000 USD Voucher,
To Anywhere In The World,
For Just 3 Minutes Work?

Someone has to win this contest… might as well be you.

From the Desk of Richard Petrie
Wellington, New Zealand
Land of the Hobbits

Every quarter we run our infamous business transformation contest for the firms that we work with.

This is where our clients (you) compete by telling the most heart-wrenching and compelling story about how your life and business has been transformed through your work with us.

Up for grabs is the title of the "Action-Taker of the Quarter" - and yes, there can be only one.

The best entries from the quarterly competitions then compete for the grand prize: a $2,000 travel voucher which is awarded every year at the annual Business Development Summit. With your travel voucher you can travel anywhere in the world. 

If you come to the world’s most beautiful country - New Zealand, I will take you out for lunch (at a very fine restaurant - Charley Nobels on Custom House Quay) and we will come up with some marketing plans to lift your business even higher.

Actually, we're going to give out up to 10 (count them) TEN prizes to make it even easier for you to win. Of course, there's only one GRAND PRIZE (with the trip to NZ, Hawaii, or wherever you wish) however we've decided to award a total of 5 Winners and 5 Honorable Mentions!​

Firstly - How to win?

The Grand Prize Winner will be decided by the votes received at the annual Architect Business Development Summit in New York City. You do not have to attend the conference but you could at least guarantee one vote...

How to Enter

You can enter by video, in writing or in person at the Summit in NYC.


  1. Record a 3 minute (maximum) video presentation of how you 'transformed' yourself because of something you learned from the Architect Marketing Institute.

    Also - if you can, do another video, a 3rd party video (for example, a video of your husband or wife telling us about how the marketing system has changed your life, or how you have changed because of it - or showing what you were able to buy because of it...) also submit one of those videos and send me the link
  2. Send us your video file (use Dropbox or similar) or post your video on your personal YouTube account (make sure the video is marked as a ‘public’ video). If you don't have a YouTube account, contact us and we'll help you set one up (it's quick and easy).
  3. Send an email to support@archmarketing.org with the following information:
     - Name
     - Email Address
     - Your YouTube or Dropbox link
  4. Subscribe to the AMI YouTube channel so you can view all the entries.

HINT: Download the template PDF that will guide you on how to structure your ‘success video’. Thanks again I really appreciate any success video feedback you can give us.

BONUS: You have my permission to use this template to give to clients to collect your own persuasive transformational testimonials.


  1. Write up how you 'transformed' yourself because of something you learned from the Architect Marketing Institute.

    Use the template PDF (see link above) as a guide for how to structure your story. 
  2. Email support@archmarketing.org your story with the subject line including the words "Transformation Contest Entry".


    1. Write up how you 'transformed' yourself because of something you learned from the Architect Marketing Institute.

      Use the template PDF (see link above) as a guide for how to structure your story.
  1. Email support@archmarketing.org with the subject line including the words "Transformation Contest Entry" and tell us you're coming to the NYC Summit and that you would like to tell your story there.

Someone has to win. (Actually up to 10 people in this case.) Might as well be you!

The Rules

  1. Only one entry per person, please. (However, you CAN submit more than one 3 minute video...)
  2. You agree that your video or text submission is able to be viewed on the archmarketing.org and/or architectsmarketing.com website and may be used for marketing purposes in the future.
  3. You must mention the Architect Marketing Institute in the video for the entry to be valid.
  4. The winner will be announced via email and on archmarketing.org and/or architectsmarketing.com and the winner will be notified by phone and email on that day.
  5. You must have been, or currently be, a client of Architect Marketing Institute (dba Architects Marketing Academy).
  6. Your account must be in order with Architect Marketing Institute (i.e. non-payment of fees, etc. would disqualify you).
  7. Past or present employees of Architect Marketing Institute are disqualified from this competition - unless your transformation entry is different to previously submitted.

Good Luck!