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By Richard Petrie

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Richard Petrie

    As Jim Carey would say “all righty then”. Ignore your wife and marketing coach and hark unto me! Do you want to be referred clients? Yes, good, then send your newsletter out each month, ignore any other distraction despite however good meaning. Will my newsletter become junk? Yes, if it is irrelevant and boring. You must have heard of the story I often tell about a previous client of mine who wrapped his newsletter around a chocolate bar – his newsletter was anticipated and they even complained when it was late, people were requesting to be on his subscriber list. Jumping from no contact to contact. Get over yourself – get started, this is business and forming networks with people you can help and with people who can help you. Newsletter is only one way to connect. These people are flying first class on Umberto Airlines. Big companies will re contact people and form networks and so should you.

    You could say ‘I was with a large company and we did not stay connected with people – I decided when I went out that I wanted a more personal approach, so thats why I am reconnecting with people, maybe I can help you, maybe you can help me, either way lets reconnect and let each other know what our goals are – who knows what benefits might come forward?’

    Another point – if someone says ‘you are only getting in touch because you are starting a new business’ you can say “admittedly yes’. No big deal. You can advertise or newsletter or hold events or meet for coffee. The world of business is about connecting with people who can help you and who you can help. Think of your dirty 30 as your inner circle, and how it needs to be win/win.

    Your other question was I don’t have 30 yet – don’t worry start now, ask the people you meet in your D30 who else should be on your love list. Hope all that helps. Finally this advice of connecting with people who you can help and who can help you is excellent advice. Take massive action and don’t be distracted by fear of ‘what will people think?’. If you don’t get in touch here’s what they are going to think…. NOTHING. (better to have half the world love you and half hate you than have 2% love you 2% hate you and 94% not even care. PS I am 100% right on this 🙂 actually make that 110%. You job is to be TOP of mind for 30 people who could be referring people to you.

    This ends the sermon!