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By Michelle Slinger

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Michelle Slinger

    Finding potential clients for me even in my small community has always been a bit perplexing for me. How do I know which potential client is ready for my service?

    That might be a problem for you too…so may be you can broaden your target not just potential clients, but to people who serve your potential clients.

    I am focusing on the single family new build and renovation residential market. for me that meant trying to get good with a couple real estate agents, sharing with them in casual conversations my passion for what I do. I have also started a slow out reach to the lending departments of financial institutions. My aim there is to cultivate them into seeing my vision….It is a slow process but I am starting to see some returns. Take some time to write a 5 point value statement that you believe each of your target area must be measures by, use those as your talking points. Keep in mind, if you can’t get directly to the centre, nibble around the edges…..