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By Timothy Berneche

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Timothy Berneche

    Hey John, great to see you here. It was a pleasure meeting you in person at the one networking event a few years ago. Sorry to see you move. There is a Civil Engineer I met from Naperville named Eric Mancke who does a lot of work with a large national assisted living company, Carillon I believe. That seems to be a very good market right now and one you are familiar with. I’ll be doing a strip center with Eric and I would be happy to introduce you to him as I imagine his company would have opportunities for work out west.

    By the way if you have a more immediate need I happen to be licensed in Nebraska thanks to work I’ve done for a pool company, granted if you are NCARB getting a license there through reciprocity is fairly easy. You will have to get a license for your corporation as well in that state.