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By Eric Bobrow

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Eric Bobrow

    Luke Durack – This does require some creative thinking, however we’ve seen a number of our members try it out with some success.

    You don’t have to price your services up front to use this approach. You can name your options (the simplest may be a choice between one package offering design, document and permit only and one that includes construction administration) and describe them in a way that allows people to choose their preferred approach, separate from the actual cost (which would vary depending on project size, budget and other factors).

    Of course, your Low Commitment Consultation would benefit from a distinctive product name, whether it’s a Needs and Options Review, a Discovery Session, a One Page Action Plan or something else.

    These products don’t have to be “flashy” but do need to clearly state the value proposition – what you offer that is valuable to the client, with some differentiation between them. By describing them clearly you can reduce uncertainty.