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By Eric Bobrow

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Eric Bobrow

    Hi Umberto – We addressed your question during yesterday’s Office Hours session. For the benefit of others who were not on the call, here is some feedback.

    A group of people that you are closely connected with (members of an association, a neighborhood group, etc.) can be your target market, particularly if you have a convenient way to communicate with them. As you become a familiar and trusted face, you may become the “go-to resource” for a range of architectural work or services.

    However, it’s best if the messaging you create in your marketing materials ideally is customized to the project type. For example, the people in your group may have different architectural needs (renovating a home vs. opening a new restaurant or developing a commercial property). You will do better if you create Monkey’s Fists that focus on the problems or questions that each of these niches find most important. That way your report, article or video will have the most impact.