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Darryl Mackenzie

    I have 2 Niches, both very separate, and both diametrically opposed, so i have 2 business cards and 2 separate modus operandi . But i am driving both by affiliating myself with an expert in each field.
    1/ I am passionate about high efficiency homes and Passivhaus, so i have affiliated myself with a SIP’s panel supplier. He is my supplier of choice and i get projects from him.
    2/ I am brilliant at infill and subdivision. I have affiliated myself with a development funding broker. We have the same reciprocal refferal understanding.
    I was once like you Luke Durack sole practitioner doing anything and everything. Reno’s and small jobs and a few new homes. Now i have 3 other people working in my office with me and i am just doing new homes in either of those 2 niches …BOOM! Happy as a pig in stuff pigs are happy in. took 15 years to get no where and 6 months with AM for a total shift. I turn work away now, what a great place to be.