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By John Jones

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John Jones

    Just wanted to report some feedback regarding three levels of service proposals. So far, I’ve offered three such proposals, fine-tuning each one after the other. The first proposal is still in limbo, due to family illness. The second proposal is still being considered by the client, hopefully, I’ll hear back this week. The latest proposal, which I sent that last week, was accepted by my client. They chose the mid level service, and negotiated on the price a little, Which was fine with me, because it was above what I typically would have offered. What was interesting is they had interviewed other architects who offered proposals at an hourly rate, but preferred my fixed fee proposal which was above their hourly rate , Because they knew or at least had uncertainty that their hours would exceed my fixed fee. They also commented they felt more comfortable with me and that I was more responsive than the other architects. Another comment they had was that it was nearly impossible to compare proposals from various architects, and I think that’s where my three tier proposal with fixed fees helped.

    Once again, the old John Jones architect would have pre-negotiated himself down in the proposal. What an idiot. At least with the three-tier proposal I start with my pre- rate but scale back services, so with them picking the mid-level service, I’m getting more