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By David Sisson

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David Sisson

    I’ve tried out “open networking” events and don’t find them to be too useful. I go sometimes still just for fun – an evening out of drinks on the company dime – but I don’t expect to meet anyone who will bring me work. I believe you do meet 4 types of people though: 1) people with “legitimate businesses”. electricians, plumbers, etc. 2) “financial weenies” – these include real estate agents, financial planners, CPAs…3) “massage therapists” – these are attractive women with really dubious business plans. Met one once who was a “life coach who could solve all your problems of health or business using massage therapy and salsa dance”. 4) the “electricity people” – either pyramid schemes or someone else who is trying to sell you something right then and there.

    So…you probably are attracting massage therapists and electricity people because that’s the only type of people who are there.