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By Eric Bobrow

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Eric Bobrow

    Re the issue with heavy accents, and your preference to meet in person – that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with setting up an in-person meeting and using the script in person. Of course, you’ll want to practice the script, so you’re not reading it; perhaps just have some bullet points to refer to.

    Whichever way you do this, keep going and it will get easier and more natural. Adapt the script, make it shorter if you like, however try to keep the essential structure that:
    1) directs the conversation
    2) sets expectations and gets their agreement each step along the way
    3) asks the types of questions that help you understand their needs
    4) qualifies them (are they serious, do they have funds, are they realistic, etc.)
    5) uncovers or reveals the gaps in their understanding so that they are motivated to get your assistance with an initial assessment or Needs and Options Review etc.
    6) gives them a clear “next step” or a road map for the process
    7) asks them to take the next step