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    Hi I’m struggling to know how to ask for the LCC fee in my incoming Call Script.
    I have drafted my script and my last few paragraphs are the ones below. Please advise because I am highly convinced on the need for the LCC, qualifying leads and “Romancing the Client” however it is still new to me and the only person who has paid so far is one who had no idea what development entails who was happy to get any information he could get.

    Beow are the last few questions in my incoming call script based on info from The Petrie method meeting questions guide:

    I trust that you have gone through the information that I previously sent to you with regards to how we work, a short questionnaire & portfolio of the work we’ve done in the past? If you still don’t understand some parts of it you are more than welcome to ask me for clarity.

    What is going to happen from here is that I am going to go away and write a detailed plan on how we can achieve your objectives. In the plan we will have an agreed start date, some different design options for you to choose and a fee proposal for each of the options. So I can set the start date are there any important events/trips scheduled that I need to be aware of?

    Are you aware of the R4000.00 fee for the Needs and Options report?

    OK is this a later or sooner project for you to get started with?

    Great I will check our workflow schedule and put in a proposed start date of around date X . How does that work or you?

    Great I’ll wait for your confirmation of the payment from your side and we will meet at your site at X o’clock on Date X. Will send you a meeting invite to confirm.