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By Zeke Freeman

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      Zeke Freeman

        Just a quick follow up from my question today on the Q/A call. I’ve got a couple of “in-the-field” interviews scheduled. I’d like to be able to get some decent video and audio from either my iphone or a go-pro device. I bought a cheep go-pro without the LCD. I’m finding that this really won’t work well without the LCD pre-view screen for what I want and I’ll need to either upgrade or just skip the go-pro and get a better audio attachment for the iphone. Equipment suggestions? Enoch Sears, ArCH AIA LEED AP??

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        We had an interview recently and what the interviewers did was use the iphone to record the audio (which it is very good at) and a Canon DSLR to record video. It was a promotional video for one of our clients. Sounds like a ghetto set up but these interviewers seemed like they knew what they were doing. Haven’t seen the results yet but they told me it turned out great after some editing. The interview was awful, though! We were nervous and I couldn’t apply what I learned from the Positioning Interview talk by String Nikolic

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