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By Jessica Spencer

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      Jessica Spencer

        One of my clients paid the $750 fee for the needs and options review. I did the report and gave it to him along with a proposal for the design and construction phase. I told him that I would apply the cost of the NOR to his design fee, however he decided that he only wants a schematic plan, which I had estimated at $470. Has anyone else had this happen and how did you handle it?

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        John Hrivnak

          Congrats on getting the paid NOR! That is the success here. If SD’s only, make sure you clearly mark drawings as copyright protected unless you don’t care if ideas taken. If they, later, want to proceed past SD’s, you are the provider. Had heard of an architect who sold an hourly concept design service successfully – might come up with a Product of that nature with its own pricing.

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          Roderick Anderson

            Jessica Spencer this specific situation has not happened to me, and I believe that offering to credit the NOR is important as a hook to get the client to commit to the NOR to begin with. What you should make sure is that always even your most basic amount of work should be higher than what you charge for the NOR, so you can always charge a difference. If you think the job is small and there is a chance that the hired work is equal or lower than what you charged for the NOR then don’t offer to credit it. Now you are in a tough pinch, unfortunately. I am not sure I have any ideas on how to manage this.

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            Andrew Mikhael

              It is such a small amount, why not keep it totally separate from your design fee? That way you won’t run into that problem again. Think about it from your client’s perspective. What’s $750 in the overall scheme of your landscape design, one bush? (I have no idea what plants cost, but you get the picture).

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              Richard Petrie

                agree with Andrew, no need, or benefit, to credit towards design. Provide a useful service and charge for it. Be bold, value your service and get paid. The cheap wont like it but the proper clients wont mind.

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