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      Sharon George

        I had a doctors appointment this afternoon and thought of you Richard Petrie. Of course I bought into their process for checking in – signed all the forms, checked all the boxes, agreed with their financial policy, gave them all my medical information. After a short wait, I was taken into the inner sanctum – more processing, sent for x-rays, then I waited for the specialist. He talked to me for less than 10 minutes, he had already reviewed the x-rays, and gave his diagnosis, offered me a few options. Checked out.

        I’m working on implementing some of those procedures for my architecture practice. No blind meetings. I ask the Client to fill out a project brief and a detailed questionnaire. I review that and their survey before we meet. It’s not an interview, not a get to know you meeting, it’s a diagnosis. Client has to do their homework and get to know me before they show up for the paid consultation – the shock n awe box will help with that.

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