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      David Sisson

      In the Q+A session today, there was a bit of discussion about 1-2-1 techniques. Here’s some info I can pass on from my time in BNI. I had 3 written materials that I’d give to a person before we met for coffee – these would allow them to get to know me more quickly and make the meeting more productive. One of these was answering 8 questions:

      1) Who is your target audience?
      2) What problems do you solve?
      3) How do you benefit your target audience in ways others do not?
      4) How do I recognize a good referral for you?
      4) What should I say when I recognize a good referral?
      5) Do you have a success story I can tell possible referrals?
      7) How do I make the connection? i.e. introduction, you call them/they call you.
      8) What is your 10-second introduction?

      You may not want to use these questions directly – they are designed for 2 networkers to get to know each other, but the idea is the same…

      Another might be a bio of you and your company. Another might be a sample newsletter. ETC. Mainly, during a 121 you are working to learn more about the other person than yourself – about them personally, about their family, about their “pain points” (IE: what do they struggle with in their business or job). Building some personal connection and comfort. You are NOT trying to sell yourself or your business at these times – at least not directly. Really, you are working to learn how YOU can help THEM.

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      Colin Healy

      and havee found it to be valuable to my one person firm. I’d like to learn more about your business.

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      Richard Petrie

      what an excellent post thanks for this Dave.

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      Justin Smith


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