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By Eric Bobrow

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      Eric Bobrow

        We’re running a piece in the next issue of AM Labs on the topic of niche selection, and we’d like your help.

        Since the beginning, we’ve emphasized that selecting and targeting one or a small number of niches to focus on allows you to:

        1) Establish yourself as a “specialist”, with a stronger position in the minds of your prospective clients

        2) Develop educational and marketing materials that speak to the needs and interests of this niche much more specifically

        3) Move up the value ladder, making it easier to charge higher fees and become more profitable

        4) Potentially increase the demand for your services as you separate yourself from the “generalists”

        How’s it working out for you? Have you defined one or more niches and focused your marketing efforts on them?

        If you’ve had some notable success with this strategy, we’d like to have a chat with you to learn more about your experience, how you chose your niche and what difference it has made in your business.

        Please post a comment here with a short description of the niche(s) you focus on and how you see this has changed your position in the market.

        We’ll select a number of AM members to feature in the next issue of AM Labs, and if you’ve got an interesting story to tell about your niche strategy, we’d like to share it with other members.


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        James Carrick

          Hi Eric
          I am struggling with this part as I set up the company 10 years ago specialising only in healthcare so not sure how I can develop it further except splitting it into the relevant clinical disciplines however most healthcare projects need the holistic knowledge due to interoperability between departments.
          I used LinkedIn Pulse to publish some educational posts and got some attention via likes and comments but nothing else ever came of them.
          Any advice would be appreciated as this seems to be the most important part of the 80/20 lesson.

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