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      Mette Aamodt

        Hi Friends,

        I am writing an article for Custom Builder Magazine entitled “Why Builders Hate Architects.” I have interviewed many builders and now I want to get the other side.

        I don’t want to know why you hate builders, but rather why you think they hate us and what we can do about that. If you would like to share your story call me at (617) 876-9300 xt. 12. I am in the office M, W, F. If you want to go on record I can mention your name and firm in the article.

        Here’s why this is good from a marketing perspective. The editor of this magazine approached me and asked me to write something. He was aware of my monkey’s fists and had followed me on pinterest for some time. He even wants to feature my monkey’s fist in another publication he is starting. I pitched the idea for the article to him and he loved it – fits right in with their readership and it will get a lot of hits. I have used the premise of the article to connect and re-connect with important builders in my areas. And now I can promote you too!

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        Peter Twohy

          I will give you a call tomorrow (Friday the 5th) Mette Aamodt, AIA, maybe around 11:30. Does that work for you?

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          John Jones

            Hi Mette, I just saw you (unfortunately we didn’t get to meet face to face) at the AMA SUMMIT in NYC. Would you be willing to share your “Why Builders Hate Architects” with me? John@JohnJonesAIA.com…. the insight would be so helpful for the niche I’m in. Thank you also for your inspiring presentation in NY – loved it!!!

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            Mette Aamodt

              Hi John – I’ll share the article when it come out.

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