The Referral Email

Hi (name),

As you well remember we completed your project in (month).

There were three main highlights about your project for me:

– Highlight #1

– Highlight #2

– Highlight #3

I wanted to say ‘thank you’ once again for using my services – the process and the result is something we should all be proud of.

Finally I am wondering if you can do me a favor?

I’m starting to be more selective about the clients I work with.

So I was asking myself – “who are the type of clients I most enjoy working with and what are the type of projects I most enjoy?”

Your name and type of project came up on both lists.

Then the question was, “Where would we find more people like you?”

Someone suggested I approach you – you probably know people like you.

Of course people are always talking to you about your improvements and some people are probably mentioning their dreams and plans.

Does anyone come to mind?

If it is ok I will call you this week to see if there is anyone who you think might be worth contacting. If no one comes to mind that is fine too it would be still good to touch base with you again.

Kind regards

(Your name)