M01: Dirty 30


Please watch this overview video first before getting into the training videos below. 


In this module you will discover what Richard calls his ‘gun to the head’ client getting strategy. Know this…

Out there in the world there are a small number of people who could refer you more work than you could possibly handle. Maybe you know who they are, maybe you don’t yet. The Dirty 30 strategy (also known as the Inner Circle or Super 6) is a way to make contact, get yourself top of mind and make it easy for these powerful influencers to send people to your problem-solving resources (monkeys fists). No one else in your market will be executing this strategy with the secrets and psychology you will learn right here. Best of all this strategy is ever so simple.

Find 30 people who ‘could’ or ‘should’ be referring people to you and then give them the treatment. If you stick with this system for a few months you will find your list of 30 will produce 6 (20%) who consistently refer people your way – and change your business forever.

And we have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you – you will see.

Understanding the 80-20 principle

  • How the distribution of wealth relates to architecture
  • ​The 'trivial many' versus the 'vital few'
  • Why improving only a 'vital few' things could double your practice

Applying the 80-20 to an architectural practice

  • Which lead sources bring in a disproportionate amount of leads?
  • What would happen if all you did was double your referrals?
  • Refining your list to the top 6 referrers for your practice

Leveraged communication

  • How to communicate to a large group in a leveraged manner
  • Why email is at the bottom of the communication pyramid
  • Being 'efficient' versus being truly 'effective'

Finding your Dirty 30

  • The 6 categories of referrers to consider
  • The two categories of referrers that are likely to be the best
  • Why you should pin this sheet to your wall



Measuring Your Dirty 30

  • Where to put the worksheet (hint not on your computer)
  • How to set up a call and meeting cycle
  • How to record incoming leads



Group 1 - December 23, 2015

Group 2 - September 8, 2016

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