Special Message To The Impatient, Restless, Frustrated, Action Oriented Members Of The Architects Marketing Academy Who Were Born With Fast Twitch Fibres

How To Become The #1 Marketer Of Architectural Services In Your Area In 12 Weeks (Not 12 Months) Without Delay –
Even If You Have Just Started The Academy

Hi, Richard your coach here.

I need to make an apology to 20% of our members.


And here’s why…

A couple of years back I developed a marketing system for people who sold professional services. We adapted this for architects and the rest is history.

If you apply the system – even just parts, you’ll win projects, clients and command higher fees (if you choose).

So far so good.

If you’ve been with us for any length of time you know that we’re always adapting and looking to make the system better. We’re also looking for better ways to share what works and help you put it into practice more easily.

We’ll never be perfect but every year we WILL be better.

With our first Academy cohort, we had a lot to share. So we were guilty of overloading people with too much, too fast. These people did get one on one coaching with me, but there was a LOT to do.

No ‘cut and paste’ for those adventurous trail blazers.

I’ve come to learn that architects are busy people running projects and marketing is not always your #1 focus.

So the message was ….

Hey Kiwi Slow Down!

So we slowed down to a more relaxed pace. The villagers were happy with the drip feed approach. Well most did, but then architect and member Mark Siddall proclaims, ‘Hey this is too slow, can we get it faster?’

So the message was ‘speed up’.

So we speed up again and the villagers cried ‘overload’ once again.

You can please some of the people some of the time…but the truth is ‘one size does not fit all’.

Universities have monopolies on qualifications so you work at a pace and fee that suits them. You MUST take 7-9 years to get your credentials, regardless of how fast you learn.

On the other hand, the Architects Marketing Academy can be more flexible.

The current curriculum is one module a month for 12 months and then year two is spent refining your system.

‘Just implement ONE thing a month’

…is our current motto inspired by the book ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller. We gave ‘The One Thing’ book to those who attended the Las Vegas Conference. Oh what a great conference – and what a place!

That pace works for 80% of architects who are juggling projects, driving kids to dance classes, marketing with AMA, trying to keep the other half feeling a little romanced (some of the time) and trying to squeeze a semi-satisfying life in between.


But a 12-month timeline frustrates the hell out of 20% of our members who are impatient, restless, rapid action takers who are ready to put their head down and immerse themselves in massive action without taking their foot off the accelerator.

They want everything in place ready to dominate their market and make their competition cry as fast as possible. In fact they want to be so immersed they don’t lose focus or get side tracked …because their active minds need to be absorbed 100% in something or they’ll wander off the reservation.

This non-stop, high octane intensity works for a few but not others.

‘Horses for courses’

We’ve finally recognised a need for both horses!

So if you have fast twitch fibres – if you’re a horse built for speed rather than endurance, then you’ll like the new track we’re opening up specifically for you and your impatient friends:

‘The Fast Track’

No waiting, no delay, no losing momentum between implementation sessions. Just get it done with no excuses for 12 weeks (instead of 12 months) at full pace and you’re through the finish line ready to take your place at the winner’s podium.

‘If you want a job done give it to a busy man or woman’ is probably your favourite saying.

Giddy up!

If this idea instantly appeals to you then let me run you through the details.

Like anything there are some ‘Pro’s’ and some ‘Con’s’.

Here are what I think the ‘Pro’s’ are…

Pro #1

All training for the ‘Fast Track’ is released over 12 weeks. One module a week for 12 weeks – no delay or loss of momentum, you get your head down and implement impatiently like one of Santa’s little helpers the day before Christmas.

Pro #2

SPECIAL EVENT We’re finalising an in-person workshop in November held in San Francisco where all ‘Fast Track’ members can meet, and we’ll DO a large chunk of your marketing system ‘in person’ over 2 days. This is a highly focused workshop where you’ll be able to FOCUS on getting it done. Talk about immersion and rapid implementation!

Pro #3

Your FAST TRACK WORKSHOP ticket is complimentary. (Non-AMA members will pay $6,000 to attend this event – you get it FREE)

Pro #4

PLUS your general members conference ticket is complimentary. (Valued at $997) This will be held for 1 day immediately following the 2-day Fast Track Workshop. (Others will pay between $675 – $1,500).

Pro #5

As a Fast Tracker it’s likely that your secret weapon of speed is a staff member doing the work for you. Smart – if this is the case you’re entitled to bring the ‘real’ workhorse along to both conferences in San Francisco. How ‘bout them apples!

Pro #6

Because you’re moving at a module a week you’ll also receive a Q&A session each week. This is a one hour ask questions get instant answers session or listen to others asking questions. This is invaluable. These Q&A calls will be for Fast Trackers ONLY.

Pro #7

You’ll be allocated a ‘buddy’ (another ‘Fast Tracker’ to hold you accountable). We’ll help you shape your racing rules and recommend you schedule 15 minute accountability call weekly. This depends on the number of Fast-Trackers.

Pro #8

The entire members Vault will be open immediately. This is like a treasure hunter finding King Solomon’s mine.

Pro #9

You’ll get access to all general training sessions, general Q&A sessions and have access to all training materials for two years as per your original agreement. All previous membership rights have been retained.

‘Whooooah Nelly! Bring out the smelling salts’

But before you get giddy with excitement please wait…

…the Fast Track is NOT for everyone.

Here are the possible ‘Cons’ that may disqualify you. Please read carefully.

Possible con #1

There are only 16 positions available – first in first served.

Possible Con #2

You won’t pay a penny more to be on the ‘Fast Track’ but you will be required to pay your Academy tuition upfront (in 3x monthly installments). The fee for your two-year calculation is simple.

  • The cost of your 24 month tuition,
  • Minus what you have paid to date,
  • Paid in 3x monthly installments.

What this means is that you don’t pay a cent more than you would have, but you do pay faster – as is your nature.

Possible Con #2

For 12 weeks you need to make sure you implement what you learn as soon as you learn it. No delay. We want workers not shirkers.

Your buddy will be instructed to treat you with ‘tough love’ and I have a very special ‘motivational strategy’ for your buddy to play on you as soon as you miss a delivery.

Likewise you’ll need to hold your buddy accountable to action because progress within the Fast Trackers will be PUBLICLY tracked.

Oh yes!

I said workers NOT shirkers. There will be a public implementation board visible to ALL Fast Trackers so we can see if there is a laggard in the team.

Call me ‘mean’, call me ‘manipulative’, call me ‘ruthless’ just don’t call me late for dinner!

My job is to make sure you make the most of this opportunity, and implementation (good or bad) is the foundational stone of success.

‘Money Likes Speed’

Possible Con #3

You might need to adjust your mindset. This may be uncomfortable to you.

Marketing is NOT like architecture. Let me explain why. As an architect you like to deliver something that is PERFECT.

Let me tell you about marketing. Nothing is PERFECT …ever!

That means you’ll need to produce stuff which you know could be better. But the marketer says ‘Let’s put it out there – see what reaction we get, and if it looks promising, we can improve it. If no one responds then there’s no point improving anything… Next’.

You see as a marketer – you are a tester. Marketing is an iterative process. We never need to deliver the final product like an architect does. We can always improve the thing later – if it has legs.

If you can’t take off your perfectionist architect hat and put on my ‘good is good enough’ marketing hat then you’ll likely be too slow and get left behind.

The bus won’t slow down and wait for anyone. 12 weeks is 12 weeks.

So much for the cons. To a carthorse this will all sound TERRIBLE, I know. But to a race horse, even the tough conditions and pressure will be just what you’ve been looking for.


If you are still reading then either you have too much time on your hands OR you are a genuine Fast Track candidate who wants results from your marketing system YESTERDAY.

You are about to join others with a dysfunctional need to take ACTION.

Here’s what to do now. Click on the link BELOW.

You’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out your details and apply.

You’ll then get to speak to a partner (me, Enoch or Eric), about the program so we can determine if it is a ‘fit’.

Just In Case

If you’re 70% sure you should get on the Fast Track but 30% not sure then go through the registration process anyway.

The process is reversible, like a vasectomy, if you get speed wobbles.

You can reverse out in the first 30 days of being a Fast Tracker and move back into the general membership. All Fast Track fees will also be reversed and you can continue your journey at the more sedate pace.

Although why you’d want to reverse a vasectomy of your own free will is completely beyond me (usually it is the 2nd wife’s idea).

Just remember – only 16 members can become ‘Fast Trackers’. This club is smaller and faster for a reason – like the Concorde, less seats but boy do you get there quick!

Click on the link BELOW to get started –

>Yes, I am interested in the Fast Track<