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By John Jones

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John Jones

    I just sent out my first 3-tier proposal this morning. I had asked another think-tank forum I’m part of for a template as well, but no dice. This is an experiment I am so jazzed about… It’s one of those small projects was referred to me, but not in my niche (or target fee, or everything), and one I didn’t care if I got or not, even though I need more income. In any case, I had “ballparked” a fee range to the clients at the on-site consultation, and I could sense a bit of shock. Having just read about the 3-tier proposal in a recent email from Enoch, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to experiment (since again, I didn’t care). So I closed the meeting saying I’d see what I could do with my fee by giving them “a couple options”. What I had “ballparked” included what I typically do (which I realized included services that aren’t completely necessary, just me going the distance). So in the end, I provided “Architecture Basic, Plus, and Premium” services.