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      Melina Boukis

        As some know, I moved across the country and am re-igniting my recession weary practice in a new location. In July, I finally sent my first newsletter! About 1/3 was sent to supportive friends & family, 1/3 to past clients & associates in my previous location, and 1/3 to local prospects in my new location, most of them builders. I sent each of them a short note & business cards as well and plan to call them all in the next week to meet if they are so inclined. It has been 7 days since the newsletter went in the mail, so I am hoping this is about the right time to follow up (though 1 builder did already reach out to welcome me to visit any time).

        Besides the usual pleasantries, learning about them, and educating them about my LCC, any other advice on questions to ask to start to foster a lead garnering relationship in a new area (and to fill the potential awkward silences)?

        Thanks in advance!

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