"Ideal Client Avatar" – how to make it most effective?

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        Hello everyone. So I’ve been going through the “ideal client avatar” workbook, and I’ve found it to be like many other similar “client avatar” workbooks, with the major problem being, that MY mind has to come up with THEIR mind. How do I know what an ideal client thinks, feels, knows, hangs out? I can only ever know as much as I’ve experienced or read, so I can attempt to empathize, but realistically I’m still only going to be limited to the content of my own mind.

        If I wanted to market to myself, sure, that’d work, but I don’t. I want to use Facebook targeting but is there some kind of data out there that people have found particularly useful to narrow down and hone in on their niche market ideal client? I always get the same response – just ask the clients. Yes well, that’s great haha but I don’t have any of those clients to be able to ask them, that’s the catch!

        On another note, I’m starting¬† to wonder if the “client avatar” for Facebook targetting should be individuals looking to build, or actually just go straight to contractors….

        Anyone have any thoughts or key break throughs with this?

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