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David Businelli

    I get that constantly – I’m also in NYC (Staten Island). I price the Needs and Options Analysis usually below $ i1k for small residential properties. The actual zoning, code and DOB research doesn’t take a lot of time (after over 20 years I built up some speed), but since I don;t have an assistant to actually write it an format it takes some time. It’s not the price per se, but the fact that you are actually daring to charge for your services. There is a mentality out there that this information should be given away. And when there are tons of other architects that will do just that, its hard to land an LCC.  I recently did one for a small mixed use building. $750 (way too low, as I spent about 5 hours on the zoning alone) and produced a value based proposal, giving 3 service levels for 3 different fees, and never heard from the guy again. I ran my fee by a local trusted colleague and one in Manhattan who has a 30 person firm, and both said that the $65,0000 mid range fee was more than fair. Just gotta keep on plugging away in what is still a weal market for small projects.