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By John Brunt

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      John Brunt

        I have been looking into accounting software for my small sole proprietor firm. Quickbooks Online sounded like a good fit but an Intuit customer service rep told me that ‘Online’ does not do ‘job costing’ which I would need to track project by project. In fact, they said I would need the QB Premier version to do that.
        What are others using for tracking projects?
        I need something easy to use and do not need a lot of detail.
        Also, I would like to start tracking my time. All other project costs are contract consultants or charges from miscellaneous vendors.

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        Eric Lam

          I’ve been using Bigtime. It is a web app that track time, do job costing, and can integrate well with QB. Since this is a web app, I can do my time tracking wherever there is wifi.

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