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      Mike Carter

        Just signed up for the Academy and am putting action plans into place because I’m a terrible procrastinator so need to action whilst I have time and mojo to do so.

        In the Incoming call script there is reference to a “small gift that will surprise you”. I can’t really be bothered buying a whole heap of corporate gift gizmos that are ultimately junk and are a waste of time and space (this was proven to me recently on a job site when the contractor was desperately trying to find the phone number of an asbestos removal company. It was with some irony that I pointed out that the pen he was holding in his hand at the time was from the afforementioned company complete with phone number – ie another advertising gimmick that doesn’t work).

        So – what do others use for this small gift and is it a “will surprise you” or “may surprise you”? I could sellotape a lollipop to the intro package but that might surprise that its such a stink gift and work in a negative way.

        Recently I was sent a pine seedling tree and then followup secateurs to tend to it by a big corporate here in NZ. Interesting but curiously it made me mad given they have inherent product durability issues with their flagline product and to me they would have been better spending that money to make sure the inner cores of their plywood didn’t rot. (Maybe I’m too much of a cynic). So a plant is kinda left field but messy and costly to courier. Another idea I had was a folder to keep all your project paperwork in. I have something in mind with our logo on it, spaces to stick relevant bits of info etc but not sure how or where to go (in NZ) to get these made (so am of half a mind to make them myself!)

        Any suggestions?

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        Mike Carter

          Am making my way through this Linked in Forum and found the answer to my question yesterday way down yonder where the slide bar struggles to reach

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          Richard Petrie

            Mike good to see another kiwi in here. I am based in wellington (ironically in LA right now). Some novelty chocolate would be a good idea. find one shaped in a hammer.

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