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      Dennis Butler

        I understand there are applications that can coordinate individual posts to be simultaneously uploaded to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. There seems to be a lot of these kinds of apps. Can anyone make a recommendation or give me some ideas about what to look out for.

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        I’ve heard buffer is a good one. I don’t use personally but it may be worth looking into a little bit.

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        String Nikolic

 is good because it focuses on what you want to publish. Be careful with (another popular app) because it’s designed more for consuming social media than publishing.

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          Buffer is awesome. It just works. They are great. I love them.

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          Dennis Butler

            Thanks for the great feedback. We are investigating buffer. Has anyone tried it with Instagram? We are hoping one app will cover FB, LI, TW and Instagram.

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            Andrew Billings

              Dennis, You can use IFTTT app to automate tasks across other platforms.


          Viewing 5 reply threads
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