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By Charlotte Smith

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      Charlotte Smith

        It’s not often I collect a piece of post from the reception and look forward to opening it! Another great AMLABS newsletter to give one a kick up the butt and reinforce the learning.

        I would agree with the “rejection is good” leader- as discussed in last week’s inner circle call our newsletter is only not going out due to our obsession with “what will they think of our business if it’s not perfect”.

        Also rejection is good for growth- we went for a funded business support programme last week (they support everyone from food businesses, to marketing agencies, to personal stylists) but our application was rejected. After a 60second elevator pitch and 7minute interview, the final question was – “so I’m still not quite sure what you do and what the potential is for growth”. Ugh what did we do wrong?! Why didn’t they undertand us? We spoke about benefits we bring to clients and the market need based on my market research from contractors….and we’d tried out our pitch on colleagues within networking groups who aren’t in the sector and they understood- or did they?

        I subsequently attended a follow up on how to pitch and at the end another applicant came to me and said- “I get what you do and am intrigued by your combined service (A/ E/ sustainability) but I don’t yet understand the benefit for me, as a homeowner why would I need that service?”

        Clang. (That was an anvil rather than a penny dropping)

        We’ve been getting good feedback from people that know us (key point)- so it felt rather painful to know we still haven’t cracked it but what a valuable lesson.

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        Richard Petrie

          good comment – I am creating a new training on how to reverse engineer your message so you come from the clients perspective for the New York Conference. If you have trouble making the translation get yourself a ticket and I promise people will understand instantly how they will benefit from working with you. I haven’t given this process a name yet but it might the acronym is PIQPS. Thats not really catchy enough yet.


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          Julia Craighill

            Charlotte Smith I’m new to AMA, just signed up today, but as a sustainability consultant – I feel your pain. I too have a hard time communicating the value of my services to all but the well initiated.


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