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      Mike Carter

        Hi all, just wondering how others are finding the reality of the newsletters. I’ve bitten the bullet, written one, got prices for printing and delivery (am looking at approx 500 distribution list – past clients, key developers, builders, engineers, etc etc) and so far are looking at the cheapest cost for distributing a newsletter is approx $1100 for 500 but thats folded down to DLE envelope size or just over $2k to keep it full size flow wrapped/ A4 envelope and posted at A4 size. All of a sudden a great idea is looking at becoming a $5-8k a year overhead = large job to cover costs and make sufficient margin to cover the cost of advertising for the year.
        I’ve considered electronic emails but agree with Richard Petrie that nobody ever reads them and they get deleted on arrival or unsubscribed if too eager in their delivery frequency. I’m just wondering if I’ve understood things incorrectly – finding it difficult to gulp at the moment or do we pair it back and target a dirty 30 only?

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        Michelle Slinger

          Why are you doing so many? I stand to be corrected but I believe that your news letters should be for your dirty 30, or some small number of persons who will genuinely promote your work.

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          Craig Taylor

            You can do hard copies for your dirty thirty and then email soft copies to your wider audience. If someone in the dirty thirty isn’t providing you with any value, then stop sending them a hard copy and promote one of your email group who has referred you!

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              Hi Mike

              Have you considered to just advertise a small workshop at your office or local cafe to just book a function room for the day then have your newsletter or monkeys fists ready to give to everyone as welcome gift I’m sure this services your clients would appreciate more as they get to see you in person and see what your company is all about. I feel just delivering or emailing lacks confidence in the fact your wanting to make a bigger impact and value for money.



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